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ZeMKI, University of Bremen

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Mediatized Media Reception

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Udo Göttlich

Project assistants: Luise Heinz, Dr. Martin R. Herbers

The selection and reception of fictional entertainment media on television is presently subject to change. As mainly older generations select televised entertainment media, such as series, feature films and television dramas based on an assessment in print media, this does not hold true for a younger television audience aged 14 to 29. This designated group. also known as digital natives uses other forms of TV program distribution (such as digital media libraries) and selects the content differently, namely on the basis of co-orientation through published digital reviews and recommendations, not by experts, but by their peers. In addition, with new forms of media technology, new habits of media reception come forth, wich can be found before, during and after the reception of a certain program, such as posting comments via social networks during the reception of a certain show. Nevertheless, a group of 30-49-years-olds can be found that show characteristics of both above-mentioned groups. The project therefore pursues the thesis that contemporary media reception is mediated. The new forms of reception and appropriation of fictional entertainment television of these three groups of users are fundamentally explored.

The project is based in mediatization theory and audience research in the sense of cultural studies and extends these through a praxeological component. On this basis, different user groups are examined with regard to their media selection and appropriation practices through qualitative methods. Here, exemplary analyzes of the users of the above mentioned genres of fictional television entertainment to be performed. The media practices of the different groups practices before , during and after the reception are collected via qualitative methods. With the help of analytical qualitative methods of structure formation, the collected practices are processed and reflected with regard to the frameworks of the above-mentioned theories. The goal of the analysis is the fundamental appraisal of contemporary media practices of certain user groups. On a theoretical level, the results extend the works not only of the theory of mediatization by praxeological knowledge, but also complement the current media reception and audience research with regard to new practices of media selection and appropriation.


Research field: Action and interaction forms


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