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ZeMKI, University of Bremen

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Scopic Media. A Comparative Study of their Constitution, Use and Implications for Theories of Interaction and Global Society

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Karin Knorr Cetina

Project assistants: Stefan Beljean, Dr. Niklas Woermann, Dr. Werner Reichmann

This project is a comparative study of the production, functioning and consequences of scopic media for a theory of global social forms and will be conducted in areas of global, as well as interactional and bodily levels of scopic media use. Scopic media are screen-based technologies for monitoring and projection that render distant and invisible phenomena situationally present and hence open up new and remote spaces and information worlds, i.e., spaces of observation. The embedding of scopic media transforms one of the most fundamental concepts in sociology, the face-to-face situation, into mediatised “synthetic situations”. The empirical work of the first phase of the research project brought forward three important characteristics of this transformation which will be elaborated upon in the second phase of the research project: (1) The emergence of interaction, or rather media systems, by way of fission, pairing and coupling of situations, demanding particular forms of coordination as well as opening up links to the suppliers of the various scopic components; (2) media-typical consequences of the transformation, as for example in the form of audience and display effects and a 'celebrisation' of experience, as well as; (3) information-emotional consequences of synthetic situations, in the form of social imaginaries of the future, fatefulness and perceptions of risk. In the project we hold that the notion of a social situation prevailing in sociology, i.e., as based on face-to-face interaction, is in need of elaboration in accordance with these characteristics. To this purpose, the following case studies are part of the second phase of the project: finance (national debt management and „algorithmic trading“); e-sports; the military (infantry); telepresence and; brain imaging.


Research field: Action and interaction forms


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