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Special Issue on Mediatization of "Communication Theory"


Andreas Hepp and Nick Couldry are co-editors of "Conceptualizing Mediatization"

Priority Program member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp (ZeMKI, University of Bremen) co-edited a Special Issue on "Conceptualizing Mediatization" of "Communication Theory" together with Prof. Dr. Nick Couldry (Goldsmiths, University of London). The Special Issue with the title "Conceptualizing Mediatization" congregates original articles about key questions of current Mediatization research. Among the authors are: Klaus Bruhn Jensen, David L. Altheide, Nino Landerer, Elena Block, André Jansson and Hubert Knoblauch.


Editorial: Conceptualizing Mediatization: Contexts, Traditions, Arguments

Nick Couldry and Andreas Hepp

Definitive and Sensitizing Conceptualizations of Mediatization

Klaus Bruhn Jensen

Media Logic, Social Control, and Fear

David L. Altheide

Rethinking the Logics: A Conceptual Framework for the Mediatization of Politics

Nino Landerer

A Culturalist Approach to the Concept of the Mediatization of Politics: The Age of “Media Hegemony”

Elena Block

Mediatization and Social Space: Reconstructing Mediatization for the Transmedia Age

André Jansson

Communicative Constructivism and Mediatization

Hubert Knoblauch

All articles are available online.

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