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Out now: Visualisierung - Mediatisierung


The edited volume "Visualisierung - Mediatisierung. Bildliche Kommunikation und bildliches Handeln in mediatisierten Gesellschaften", edited by Katharina Lobinger and Stephanie Geise, is based on a conference co-organized by the priority program "Mediatized Worlds"

Our everyday lives and experiences are inextricably linked with media contents and media technologies. The mediatization of our lifeworlds takes place largely in visual ways, via visual communicative practices. Hence pictures and the visual communicative practices connected to them emerging in the field of mediatized 'everyday' communication come into focus. In the light of these developments, the conference volume "Visualisierung - Mediatisierung" presents the results of a conference of the visual communication division within the DGPuK (German Communication Association). It summarizes the current research in this highly relevant field of study. The contributions present theoretical, empirical and methodological research concerning a mediatization with and through pictures and the related visual practices.

Further information, the table of contents and abstracts in English can be accessed here.

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