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Continuation of the Priority Program "Mediatized Worlds"


Proposals for the third funding period of the Priority Program "Mediatized Worlds" need to be submitted

The Priority Program „Mediatized Worlds" (SPP 1505) was established by the DFG in 2009 for a period of six years. Proposals for the third two-year period starting in October 2014 can be submitted.

The sub-projects of the priority program are characterized by four access ways: They shall be arranged trans-medially. They shall use or develop innovative methods and make an integrative theory formation possible. Thematically they are structured into the research fields „action and interaction“, „networks“ and „contexts“.

The proposals need to be submitted by January 20, 2014 through the DFG’s electronic proposal processing system “elan”. You are further asked to send a PDF file of the application to the coordinator of the Priority Programme Professor Friedrich Krotz (Friedrich.Krotz(at) He can give further information as well.  

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The DFG priority research program 1505 "Mediatized Worlds" says Goodbye

"Mediatsierte Gesellschaften. Medienkommunikation und Sozialwelten im Wandel"

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