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ZeMKI, University of Bremen

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Conference "Bis auf Weiteres. Pinnwand und Serie"


Conference organized by priority program-project "TV Series as Reflection and Projection of Change" in cooperation with the IKKM, 28./29. November, Bauhaus-University Weimar

Currently a number of serials can be observed, which tie their narrative and/or sturctural logic explicitly to image-spacial, diagrammatic and/or digital visualizations. These visualizations assume very different forms; they occur as central epistemic entities especially in the form of materially heterogeneous pin boards (FlashForward, Heroes, Homeland) as well as white- and blackboards (Wire in the Blood, House M.D., Numb3rs, Regenesis, FlashForward). This noticeable preference for the motif of the pin board is embedded in and flanked by a general trend within the landscape of contemporary serials: an interest in epistemic procedures.



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