Prof. Dr. Friedrich Krotz
ZeMKI, University of Bremen

How to get there

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Conference Venue – Alte Sternwarte
Poppelsdorfer Allee 47, 53115 Bonn

From the Main Station
You can reach the Alte Sternwarte by foot in approximately five minutes. Please follow the blue route on the map above.

From the Airport (Cologne, CGN)

There is a direct bus connection (Line SB 60) from the airport to the main station in Bonn. The bus departs every 20 or 30 minutes an lasts about 27 minutes (For more information including a timetable visit:

By car


From Frankfurt:

Take the A66. At the freeway interchange 9-Wiesbadener Kreuz take the A3 in the direction Köln.

Follow this freeway for 130km.

At the freeway interchange 32-Bonn/Siegburg take the A560 in the direction Bonn/Sankt Augustin/Siegburg.

Follow this freeway for 7,6km.

At the freeway interchange 1-Sankt Augustin-West take the A59 in the direction Königswinter/Bonn.

Follow this freeway for 3,3km

At the freeway interchange 40-Dreieck Beuel take the A565 in the direction Bonn


From Cologne:

Via A59: at the freeway interchange 40-Dreieck Beuel take the A565 in the direction Bonn.

Via A555: at the freeway interchange Kreuz Bonn-Nord take the A565 direction Bonn-Bad Godesberg.


From Koblenz:

Take the A61 in the direction Köln/Bonn/A565.

At the freeway interchange Bonn-Meckenheim take the A565 in the direction Bonn/Meckenheim.



In Bonn:

Exit the freeway A565 at AS Bonn-Poppelsdorf. From the Exit you get on the Reuterstraße. At the first traffic light after the exit turn right into the Jagdweg. (Waypoint A). Follow this road for approximately 160m.

At the next traffic light turn right into the Sternenburgstraße (Waypoint B) in the northwest. Follow this road for about 300m.

At the junction „Sternenburgstraße“ / „Clemens-August-Straße“ turn right into the Clemens-August Straße (Waypoint C). Follow the road for 600m.

At the second traffic light turn right into the the Poppelsdorfer Allee (Waypoint D). Follow the road for 400m.

The entrance to Alte Sternwarte is on the right side, behind building #47. (Waypoint E)

You will find about fifteen parking spots right in front of the building of the Alte Sternwarte.


Get together

Restaurant Roses

Martinsplatz 2a
53113 Bonn


Abschied des DFG-Schwerpunktprogramms 1505 "Mediatisierte Welten"

"Mediatsierte Gesellschaften. Medienkommunikation und Sozialwelten im Wandel"