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ZeMKI, University of Bremen

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The sub-projects of the priority program are characterized by four access ways oriented on these goals : They shall be arranged trans-medially. They shall use or develop innovative methods and make an integrative theory formation possible. Moreover, a project-across panel for use and importance of media by adolescents will be established that permits the projects elicitations, which are related to each other. The panel will be placed at four different locations of research. The projects are structured thematically into three research fields:

  1. The research field "action and interaction forms" deals with social action patterns, interaction forms and communication practices connected to digital media, on which mediatized worlds are based.
  2. In the field of "networks" research, professional and private networks constituted by media will be investigated. Today, networks are typically forms of communication and socialization. They build the central structure of mediatized worlds.
  3. In the research field "contexts", the embedding of mediatized worlds in social fields as well as its relation to social institutions will be analyzed and theorized.

The priority program develops hence empirical and theoretical elements which are oriented internationally and which reconstruct and explain the relationship between media, communication, cultural and social change. Additionally, it develops concepts, theories and instruments which will generally be available to the socioscientific media and communication research, and which will also help to enable social, governmental and economic actors to recognize and shape important developments.


The DFG priority research program 1505 "Mediatized Worlds" says Goodbye

"Mediatsierte Gesellschaften. Medienkommunikation und Sozialwelten im Wandel"

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